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Wednesday, 23 November 2011


The day after we landed from Prague I shot off up to Glasgow for a day trip to meet John Duncan, the picture editor of Source Magazine.
I had applied for a portfolio review in the hope of my work eventually being published, 40 people applied and I was one of 7 who got through to the first stage... John picked out a tight edit of the work I showed him, some old, some new (which was pleasing!) He wants to see more so I have to get back on it hard...
So for now my work has gone through to Source's next editorial board meeting and hopefully, over discussion, it will go to print in the new year. Here are a couple of new "suburban drama's" for the time being...(haven't scanned properly yet so excuse the casts)


Visited Prague a couple of weeks ago, took a few photographs...nothing special. Dead nice place, not many tourists in November which is always nice. Cold.....
Here are a few glorified holiday snaps

Saturday, 5 November 2011


My cope of Photomasterskaya magazine came through the other day, stoked on being part of it.
It contains a thrillingly inspiring interview with yours truly, trust me.... get your rubles together and get a copy!

Thursday, 3 November 2011


 Go check it!  www.tom-archer.com
Simple, but affective......I hope.


Last week I visited the village of Combe where my dad was born. I had last visited about 8 years ago, so my memory of the place was weak and I definitely had no recollection of the bowl that lives there....
40 years ago my Dad and his Dad built a bowl that still stands to this day.. Combe has one pub, about 200 houses and not even a village shop, but it has a skate park (of sorts)
It was closed when we arrived "due to an incident", but I did the honours of laying down a lazy frontside for the crowds (my mum) anyway...