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Friday, 14 September 2012


Coming to the end of my WEYA experience in Nottingham and representing my country in the UK olympiad. It's been a pleasant experience, met some dead sound people, some pretentious people, seen some good artwork, some terrible artwork, but all in all it's been pretty mint.
Haven't taken many photographs while i've been here, not really had the chance to and the sunlight has been so intense that it would have been a waste of time anyway, at least for the specific project i'm currently working on.
One thing about the exhibitions that's done my head in is the lack of info about each piece of work. Yeah it might be online, but a short paragraph would have helped loads to understand some of the work.
My work was shown in a pretty nice space and have had some pretty good feedback from it, meals have been mint and Nottingham is pretty nice, although it would have been rad if the festival was in Uruguay or Singapore etc....
Here are some shit phone snaps that don't really some up my time at WEYA.