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Friday, 14 September 2012


Coming to the end of my WEYA experience in Nottingham and representing my country in the UK olympiad. It's been a pleasant experience, met some dead sound people, some pretentious people, seen some good artwork, some terrible artwork, but all in all it's been pretty mint.
Haven't taken many photographs while i've been here, not really had the chance to and the sunlight has been so intense that it would have been a waste of time anyway, at least for the specific project i'm currently working on.
One thing about the exhibitions that's done my head in is the lack of info about each piece of work. Yeah it might be online, but a short paragraph would have helped loads to understand some of the work.
My work was shown in a pretty nice space and have had some pretty good feedback from it, meals have been mint and Nottingham is pretty nice, although it would have been rad if the festival was in Uruguay or Singapore etc....
Here are some shit phone snaps that don't really some up my time at WEYA.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Took a caravan to Keswick, met some maniacs, got some bargains,there was blood, sweat and tears but all in all had a beast of a time...Here are some terrible photographs taken on the worst camera ever - leica mini 2. Hopefully will have some lovely ones when i get the rolls developed from me Voigt.

The Independent on Sunday

The Independent on Sunday ran a piece this weekend about the upcoming WEYA event in Nottingham, some of my work was included in the supplement magazine.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Thankfully the bus i was on drove off straight after i got this, so all I had to deal with was the mother's glare when she caught me taking it.....
Out of focus/dirty window filter.....


Thankfully I was at Primavera for the Jubilee, although 4 of the 5 bands I went to see pulled out....
Anyway, to me it never happened (which is a good thing). Came across these depressing scenes 2weeks later.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Last week I did some limited edition C-type prints for Theo Simpson's "Right to Buy" project, go and grab one! Hopefully we'll be embarking on a collaborative project in the not too distant future.....watch this space.


It's always pretty disheartening when you go out trekking round the hills of Sheffield and don't take any meaningful photographs.....but when you find stuff like this in the same trip, it makes it almost worthwhile......


Flicking through one of my late Grandad's old photo albums, I stumbled across some amazing photographs that he took towards the end of the second World War. These casual snaps of Mussolini's dead body are stand outs..... "Muso and missus" classic....

Monday, 26 March 2012


Just realised that I haven't blogged owt for ages, been working loads and got a bit slack which has gotta stop....
For anyone that's interested, I have a show up at Laynes Coffee shop in Leeds, best coffee in that terrible city.....It's got a couple of days left until I have to take it down, then it's off to  Nottingham to be part of the World Event Young Artist 2012 which i'm pretty stoked about. Me and my boy Rich Fish will be representing in September, can't wait!
Also got an interview in May for a possible giant move, more to come on that later though.Hopefully all this pretty decent news is gonna get me motivated to get more on it again.
.....here's a new one for your loving eyes....

Monday, 2 January 2012

One hour in Goldsthorpe

Went to a place called Goldsthorpe the other week to accompany Theo on one of his new projects, I went on a 5 minute wander around a lovely little grey cul de sac and took these beautifully depressing photographs...