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Friday, 1 July 2011


I got invited down to the opening of the London Street Photography Festival the other week, so me and Holly, aka plus one, went down to check it out last night. Starting off at the British Library, we went to see Walter Joseph's unseen photographs of British markets, then onto Minnie Weisz studio for Polly Braden's and David Campany's joint show documenting life on the River Lea and the imminent, but mostly unwanted, arrival of the 2012 Olympic Games. After some pretty sound free cocktails we made our way over to St. Pancras to see Nick Turpin's and Nils Jorgensen's show, always a pleasure, then onto the climax of the evening..... the first UK exhibition of Vivian Maier's incredible unseen photographs and the finalists of the International award.
 Held in the impressive German Gymnasium, it really was a spectacular show. Apart from the lack of lighting and the annoyance of highly reflective glass, the work displayed was a fascinating collection. As much as I would have liked to have seen more, the number of photographs worked well within the space, and the added quirks of the light boxes and possessions of Maier was a real treat. It was a real honour to be there, I hope our show goes just as well next week!
Adventures in the Valley - Bradan and Campany show

 Turpin and Jorgensen at St. Pancras

A classic - and a personal favourite
 Vivian Maier

 International awards, winner was Jesse Marlow

 Holly looking divine

 Maier's colour work is definitely my preferance...
Anne-Sophie Stolz, runner up but should have won in my eyes.....

 dead nice catalogue featuring all the finalists, yours truly represented here...
 me with Viv's hat on....

John Maloof on the mic, such an amazing story....

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