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Saturday, 12 March 2011


Had some work up as a part of MOB Format, as every single student knows at Sheffield Hallam thanks to a fucking global email.....cheers "dave".
Festival was amazing, meeting Gilden and Meyerowitz was amazing and the latter's 2 hour talk was awe inspiring. The guy is a legend, the way he talks and describes his work is incredible and his stories about sitting opposite Winogrand on a train, and bumping into Bresson were surreal.
He signed my poster as well which was a beast, and Gilden scribbled something onto a couple of books, weird guy...
Mermelstein could have been better represented in my eyes, and some sketchy printing were the only criticisms.
Derby is shit, but Format is amazing.
A couple of favourites.............. (Kalvar, Winogrand, Klein)

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